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Hello all I am seeking a silkscreener That can do high quality Large format silk screening, Must use discharge dying method, All shirts will be black Large front and back printing. shirts will be of similar style to the ones seen here Liquid Blue and must be of equivalent or Higher quality. I have many of their shirts their printing has zero hand and feels just like the shirt! We will be supplieing the blanks as we want to use a High quality American Made Designer Product.

Initial product run will Be:

5 Designs Front and Back Print, Not an all over print Just full front and back.

100 of each Design in The following Sizes

100 Small
100 Med
100 Large
100 X large
100 2X large

Total 2500 shirts.

Must Be High Quality at a good Value, not looking for a special deal just an up front Honest Price quote. Must be able to provide a sample of your printing quality.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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