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Searching for that special person

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I am still going to read all the threads on this website and continue to take notes. I already have 11 pages of notes "front and back and i know im a have a ton of more notes in the near future. I just need that "special one" who has a ton expierience and is very succesfull at what they do. So my question will be on how i can send, and recieve messages to that special one, or a couple of people that i can chat with. Or am i making things complicated on how to chat with someone. Answers please?:eek:
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Why not just post on any of the threads here with your queries (or create your own thread like you did with this one), and everyone will chip in and chat with you :)

To send private messages (PM), click on the person's name and a drop-down list will appear.

Hope this helps :)
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