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Searching for knowledge on silk screen printing...

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First post ever. Hello to room. Hope everybody is well. Anybody just win the Mega Millions drawing? ha

Well, I'm thinking about starting a T-Shirt company. Yes, shocking I know. Basically I just want to get some thoughts (from more experienced people then me) on the pricing I will be looking at - for silk-screen printing. I want to start small and just run some samples in the next few weeks. Right now I have (60) American Apparel 50/50 blanks. (20) in Med, (20) in Large and (20) in Extra Large.

I want to get a (3) color image printed on these shirts. Just front of shirt only. I live in Los Angeles so I'm sure I can find many options nearby but I just wanted to get some thoughts on the kind of money I will need - just for the printing alone - for those (60) shirts. Quality obviously is essential.

Thanks for any help!
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Each market is different.. I would just call and price around.. As a screen printer, I can tell you that I get at least 1 call a day from someone starting a new t-shirt line so you probably won't get much of a discount. Also, most screen printers will not give you the same gaurantee if you provide your own shirts and you usually won't save money by providing the shirts. Next time I would price around with the shirt included -vrs- you providing the shirts.
that's the rub: 'samples' and screen printing aren't on very friendly terms. you have the shirts, so you know exactly the quality of those. a printer should have some samples of his work to show what he's capable of doing. don't expect a discount because you're starting a brand and/or have your own shirts.

prices may have quite a range. try New Way Silk Screen Printing in Los Angeles just because it was the first thing that popped up in my search. :) or Custom T-Shirts and Silk Screen Shirt Printing by T-Shirt Pros . just contact them for a quote and go from there. good luck. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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