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Searching for a slim fit tight neck tee

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I've just bought some Hanes Fit-T fitted t-shirt.

The large looks brilliant bodywise length and width but the neck just isn't tight enough for me.

The beefy tee necks just good but looking at all blank slim fitted tee's not one brand I find has a tight neck.

I've found one brand , Analog that by looking at the pics looks perfect, so If anyone knows any blank t-shirts with similar fits or who supplies them please help:

Chemical Ltd - Mens Purple Iodine `Sentry` Slim Fit T-Shirt By Analog

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Hope you will find the correct supplier, if not, maybe you could consider to custom-made them as neck shape of the picture.

Good luck.

I found a good t-shirt eventually.

Suprising it was Uniqlo.

There basic crew necks are really nice and for a Japanese brand have really good length for tall folk.

They arn't as fitted as I would have hoped but not like a tent so that is good.:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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