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ScreenTek retensionable

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Has anyone used ScreenTek retensionable frames? Do you like them? Any problems?

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Never heard of them. Do you have a link?
Those look a lot like Hix Retens. They look like a nice frame. You've certainly peaked my curiosity. :)
Well, I believe they work like Hix Retens, but they may be lighter weight. I think they are tightened only to 25 newtons, but they offer a kit with 6 plus the tools you need for $200, (you supply a power tool, I guess a drill) so I am thinking that it might be worth looking into.
Only 25 Newtons? That's strange.

I just found an article online that said the Hix Retens and ScreenTek frames are the same thing. Hmm...

I think I'll make a phone call today.
It's just that in their advertising they say that they can put the screen on and stretch it to 25 newtons in 3 minutes. Why would they not say they could stretch it to a higher amount if they could?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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