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screens for simulated proccess

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Hi all,

Im currently looking into doing some simulated proccess silk screening and was wondering if there were any special preparations needed to be done prior to burning the screen? Meaning different emulsions, ways to coat screens, or anything like that. Particularly curious about multiple coats of emulsion on the screen and if it messes with the halftone detail or if its better to keep it to a 1 front/1 back coat. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers
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I do a 1/1 on most simulated jobs every now and then 2/1 if I believe the design may call for a little extra of a color or I need a heavy ink deposit.

I use pure photo polymer for everything and have my exposure times down but the dual cure has a wider range on time and if that's what your currently using I recommend staying with your current emulsion if you have your times down and start trying with your current process
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Thank you for the speedy response. I'll be doing a test print hopefully within the week. I used a trial version of a separation program that I've never tried but the seps look good on the computer screen. We'll see how the prints turn out.
Thanks Again,
Purple Planet
Sim process is something I don't do enough of, but when I'm doing four color process, it's one of the only times I always do at least a 2/1 or 2/2 coat--this may differ for you if you don't have a point light source--in my experience it was easier to get smaller dots to resolve with a very thin stencil on a fluo UV unit, but occlusion moire was the norm in large small percentage gradients. If you have a point unit, you will be able to get smaller dots *consistently* if you have a slightly thicker stencil.

I'd also stick with the highest quality emulsion you can afford, (reasonably high mesh (230TPI / 90T) evenly and consistently stretched, and make sure your coater is nice and smooth, with no nicks, burrs, or dings.

Best of luck--and have fun.
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