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screenpriting in pa. just starting!

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me and my buddy are both artist and are just starting out we have all our materials and ready to get rolling. we want to basically print our own clothing company instead of getting robbed by an outside source. any advice for finding wholesale clothing. we are starting small but in a few years hopefully make it into something decent sized.
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If you guys have vendors license/resale number then you should be able to get an account with most of the vendors out there. Here is a list of a few:


If you do a search on this forum I'm sure you'll find a lot more. TSC Apparel carries American Apparel, you'll get faster shipping time dealing with them than directly with American Apparel.

Hope this helps!
www.alphashirt.com is located in Philadelphia with a shipping facility in Harrisburg.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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