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Screenprinting only Cart

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Hey, Im looking for another method for my clients to pick garments and choose their printing and qtys etc Like an online shop.. I with to cut out the hrs of quoting everyday and cut down some of the endless back and forth emails...

I don't need a design lab or anything as I don't use DTG

I was looking for some inspiration with people who are doing the same thing...

I have been messing with layouts in Zencart but can't get it right with all the attributes looking like crap etc, So what do people use? My main site is Wordpress.. plus there are so many variables to input etc...

Any info on the topic would be great.

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I'm currently working on something with my big commerce store. I'll post it when I finish.
Thanks mate, Really keen on idea's to do all the variables... Anyone else got any online stores?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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