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I'm an Art Student from Melbourne, and I've recently been tackling the art and craft of screenprinting by myself, as it has heavily intrigues me and I really wish to explore my art through this form.

I've studied and researched all about it and have gotten to the stage where all my screen have been exposed with the artwork and I just need to squeegee the ink onto the fabric.

Over the past couple weeks, I have gone through alot of test and samples trying to get my print clean, I do occasionally get a good print, but then the next one would be bad.

I have built a simple hinge clamp system which seems to work fine but I believe my errors lie in the fact that,

I'm not confident and unskilled in the applying, flooding and stroking of the ink.

I am hoping to find someone from the area who could mentor and show me this technique, I would be incredibly grateful.

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