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Screenprint OR DTG Printer Needed in Texas

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My team and I have built a brand named Spacey Clothing which is Trademarked. Were based out of Corpus Christi, Texas right now which is in South Texas. And we are needing a Screen Printer whos passionate as much as we are when it comes to the Clothing Industry . I'm willing to contract out to someone who can meet my printing needs within my budget. I would be supplying the shirts to the printer . All i would need is for someone to screen press or DTG for me my products. If i gotta drive to you to drop the shirts off to be pressed and then drive back to you to pick them up, i sure can . We can talk numbers and everything either in person or over the phone once we set a meeting up .

We have an UrbanStreet Wear Brand and we really believe in this to the fullest extent. This is our passion and our dream so trust that we would not be wasting any of your time . We eat, breathe, and sleep this, but unfortunately were not financially capable of being able to afford our own equipment.

please if someone knows anybody that they think would be willing to work for my Brand and really be apart of something that has the potential to reach high success, please send them my way or send me their info. Im not doing this to make a quick buck in any way, i'm doing this because my dream in life is to create things that other people can enjoy representing anywhere they go in life. I have high goals for my Brand and i believe we can grow together and help each other reach our Dreams. I'm really trying to fill a void here , and i believe there is a huge untapped market in the Urban Streetwear Scene in South Texas that needs to be taken over. Spacey Clothing is the Brand that's going to set that off !!

Below are links you can reach out to me at and check out my brand.

Instagram: @spaceyclothingco
Website: spaceyclothing.com

Personal Info:
Instagram: @chris_spacey
Facebook: Christian Cavazos
Email: [email protected]
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