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ScreenPrint Heads not Aligned

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My screenprint heads are off contact, onside will be touching the t-shirt pallet, and the other side would be a little off contact with the t-shirt pallet. any suggestions?
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got to adjust your off contact. Different machines set up different but most have sevral nuts and bolts that you will tighten and loosen for two days before you get it right again. Have fun.
What kind of press is it? most modern presses have four adjustments on the underside of each pallet that you can turn with a wrench. The heads themselves should be adjustable too. If your screen is warped (wood ones are notorious for this) you may just need to use a straighter screen. If the head is bent from something running into it or something you might need replacement parts. For a quick fix you can try to raise the off-contact adjustment high enough so that the low side of the screen doesn't touch the pallet at all and still get a good print even if it is uneven. . .

this is an image of the machine i have, iam unsure of the brand it was unknown from the person i bought it from
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i am not sure what is is. but it looks pretty complicated.
Unless I missed something, you don't say if all the heads are misaligned over all pallets, over just one pallet, or if it's just one head that's off.
What you need to do is: level the press. Number all your print heads. Number all your pallets (or pallet arms). Pick one pallet that's FLAT and check to see if it's level. If not, level it. Most can be leveled with washers used under the mounting screws under the pallet. Then take a FLAT screen, or a piece of plexiglass that'll almost cover the whole pallet, chuck it into the first head, and see if the head is level to the pallet by measuring the space between the bottom of the frame and the face of the pallet. If not, level that. Repeat this for all 4 print heads. Then use the plexi or frame in the LEVELED printhead and level the other 3 pallets, assuming that the pallet surface is FLAT. If not, replace the pallets and then level them.
Numbering your printheads and pallet arms will help you sort out press problems in the future. If one printhead is always going out of registration on all pallets, then you know to look to the print head for a solution. If the misregistration is only on your #3 pallet, you know to look there.
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