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....screen what?

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ok so here it goes...i am VERY, and i do mean VERY new (as well as clueless) to this whole shirt printing business....i've known about screen printing for a while, and have recently learned a bit of heat press..now i am interested in putting a couple of designs onto shirts and putting them out but i do not know how to choose from the two....is it just a matter of personal preference or does one handle jobs that the other wont.....? i have printed a shirt using heat transfer and i'd say that the shirt wont last too many more washes...and i know that screened shirts do last, but then again i have also printed with screens (years ago i might add) but the amount of colors were limited...so how do i decide?

once again...i am VERY new to this...if this type of post was addressed before a link would be appreciated as well as anyother advice.

thanks for the patience..
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The age old question!

Both have advantages and both can be professional quality. Screen printing will be a bit higher quality, but will be a lot harder to start doing yourself and be color-limited (and heat transfer vice-versa). There are other methods too of course, such as plastisol transfers or vinyl/flock transfers - each with their own advantages.

Here are some threads where this topic was discussed in the past:

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alief said:
is it just a matter of personal preference or does one handle jobs that the other wont.....?
It's a bit of both. They can both handle jobs the other isn't really suited to, but on top of that some people will prefer working with one medium over the other whenever possible.
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