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screen register

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I seem to be having trouble picturing this.

I have 4 color job coming up. Problem is.. how do I go about making sure its all going to register?

Whats the procedure?

I imagine using a light table for placement of the film to screen prior to burning. But if the film goes on the print side, then the reg marks are going to be somewhat distorted since there is a gap between the film and the glass.

Im about to do a search for some videos on how to.

Any advice is appreciated. I havent found a thread related to my concern yet. Funny thing is I thought there would of been a whole bunch of the same question
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try to view this youtube video


Dude! You're AWSOME! thanks!!
i just put one on the palate eyeball it then tape it down. grab another film place it on top then add tape to the sides place ur screen on top so the tape hold and that's it .
sorry if it doent make any since im in a rush
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