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Screen printing with digital or sketch

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I am new the business and I was wondering if you can get a screen print done with a sketch or does it always have to be a digital picture. Lets say I take a picture of the sketch with a high def camera will the print come out clean? the background of the picture is a white paper.

Thank you
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To screenprint:

If it is a one color sketch you would just need to remove the background

Multi color at needs to be color separated

For Direct to Garment digital printing

If it is on a white garment you can print as is

If on a dark. Unless u want to print the white box you would need to remove the background.

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Back in the day my co worker used to draw on transparencies, differenr colors on each, draw the registration marks, scan them all in and line them up in Photoshop. It was a very cool technique. So yes you can do it in color. You can also burn a screen with paper rather than film. It might not be idesl but it can be done. And there are systems designed to work with a laser printer to paper and use the paper to make a screen and print a shirt in a fee minutes. I saw it demonstrated at a show. Very cool. The magic was in what he used to "coat" the screen. It was on a roll. He'd roll some off and put it in a frame. Put it in he light unit together with the paper and in moments have a screen. I'm glad Inremembered that. I might reinvestigate thst system.
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