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I know similar questions have been asked here but my situation is a little unique so maybe someone can guide me in the right direction.

I am currently working out of a very small space and I am considering moving into a larger one, but the building is divided into multiple offices and shops, one being directly above me. With my current setup, I have the conveyor dryer exhaust rigged up through a vent in the ceiling, but wouldn’t be able to do that in the new spot as that would now be going into someone else’s floor.

The place I’m looking at has windows all around but they only open on the bottom so venting through there wouldn’t work very well. I may be able to talk to the landlord about cutting a hole in the wall to vent it through but was wondering if there are any other methods that people have used.

The business above me would be a pregnancy resource center so I definitely want to make sure they aren’t concerned with fumes and smells. The windows that do open are almost useless as they are only about a foot tall and are low to the ground. The place isn’t very well ventilated in general so any other tips or suggestions to help fix that would be very appreciated as well. Thanks in advance!
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