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Hi--Have a customer looking for a better pricing on a quote he received which is fine but I think the other vendor should not have offered screen printing on a polo--especially on a low quantity.

In addition, The customer does not like the "curling effect" after washing on his polos that he has from a previous purchase and now wants screen print "raised effect" of his logo on a polo...

Anyone offer this...i never would suggest to a customer to do screen printing as I believe no one else does either... just not cost effective nor will it look good IMO

I can certainly offer a full color heat transfer from transfer express but worried about this type of client complaining about anything and everything down the road...and feel embroidery with the proper backing and care of washing will be the best way...

note--i did not supply his polos that "curled" and his logo is one line of text for the name of his company

your thoughts?
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