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Screen Printing Questions (Posted in wrong forum originally)

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I actually have a few questions, and any insight into any of them is very appreciated.

1. I'm good with Photoshop and Illustrator, but am wondering what I use for a template and for sizing for printing on shirts? Any specific details I need to be aware of?

2. I have designs I'd like to do that involve patterns and stripes that go on the sleeves as well as the main body. With screen printing, it looks like this would be tough to do. Dye sublimation looks more like the way to do this, but I really have no idea. Any ideas for the best way to print a pattern that continues on the sleeves and/or back?

I'm looking to get everything printed through companies, on shirts that I order through wholesalers. Thanks again for any help!
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You would be better off allowing the printers to get the shirts for you. Sublimation can only be done on 100% polyester, preferably white or very very light pastels. If you want an all over type print I suggest you have that done before the fabric is cut and sewn together. There are companies that do that but I have no idea who they are.
Anyone know of companies that can do this, and if it costs a lot more to go this way? Sounds like a nice alternative since one place will do the printing and making of the shirts!
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