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Screen Printing Pricing

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Hi everyone,

As you can see this is my first post, I have been a long time reader but have just not made an account seeing as I have an important question to ask.

Long story short, I am in charge of shirt designs for my Fraternity. We have a big event coming up mid-april and I am working on getting shirts as well as tank tops ordered for our team members.

The shirt: Comfort Color, short sleeved pocket-T, with three colors on the back and two on the front.

The tank: Comfort Color, one color on back, one color on front.

With this in mind, we are ordering over 120 of each yet the local shirt design/screen printing business is asking for $9.65 per shirt (they are ordering the shirts/tanks) and $9.10 for the tanks.

Is this a fair price for both? I feel that the tanks should be much cheaper. I contacted the sales rep at Barry T. Chouinard and the shirts cost $4.88 and the tanks cost $4.39 each. I feel that the tanks, having one one color printed, would cost much less than the shirts.

Thanks for the help,
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Tank pricing might be a little high. Best solution is to get quotes from 3 printers and go with the one you feel most comfortable with.
I concur, Get three estimates (quotes) and see how comparible they are. Also, make sure there are no other fees wrapped into the price of the shirt.

Where as one printer may be charging $9.65 a shirt and $9.10 for a tank with no setup or artwork fees.

where another printer is charging $8 and $8.50 and also a $100 setup fee.

Make sure you are getting what you pay for and the quality you deserve.
The first place is waving the setup fee and is definitely quality that we know and trust, it would somewhat of a risk going with a different printer.

Thanks for the advice.
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