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75 cents! the company I use charges 25 cents to take out the old label and sew in the new one on the neck tape. It's just 35 cents if it is to go under the neck tape. With no minimums! 75 cents is definitely the highest I've heard!

I also would think that it would more to have info screen printed if you are outsourcing it, unless you had some large quantities. When I was asking around at different printers, they said that they treat the price just like printing in another location. So if you have a one color screen print in the neck, it would be the same as whatever your printer charged for a 1 color print for however many shirts you were having printed up. Unless you have a large volume, that's going to be around a dollar per print.

Having woven labels made and sewn in is much cheaper, even for the most expensive of woven labels (damask).

You can get 1,000 woven polyester labels for around .15/label, and sewn in for as little as .25/label. Much cheaper than having someone print your stuff in the shirt. And like Rodney said, if you are going for a "clean" look, then most likely the old label still needs to be taken out by somebody.

As for higher quality issue, I've got a different opinion. I really think this is more market driven. I've seen people with urban wear designs print on a jerzees, hanes, etc. good looking stuff, but have people laugh at it and say "man, all he did was go get some regular shirts and print on it. this stuff ain't real!". I've seen this so many times. So maybe it's not a quality issue, but more of a ligitimacy issue. If there are people in your market that think this way, you may sell to them online because they can't see if you have a tag, but they will be the ones that won't be repeat customers, because of their view of you and your product. Real or not.

This situation is different for me. I haven't sold one shirt online yet, but have sold plenty face-to-face. And before I started getting my own labels sewn in, it was hard to convince some people to take me or my product seriously. They would look at the label and know that I don't own proclub! But once I got my labels sewn in, it was never an issue again. No one has ever asked me if it is a relabel of another shirt, mostly because the regular buying public doesn't know anything about relabeling. So when they see my label, with my company's name on it, they assume it's my shirt, and more legitimate than the next guy with the FOL label in it.

But again, I'm in a different market than most on the forums.
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