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Screen Printing Kozies

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Hi all, I need to put simple text on foam kozies , the beer can coolers. I tried using heat transfer vinyl, my clam shell isn't having it, discolored the kozy and was a failure all around as well. So now I am planning on using my sleeve platen to print them with black plastisol but not sure if the flash will BBQ them.

Does this sound crazy, has anyone done this before?
I like a challenge but may have bitten off more then I can chew. Help!:(

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I print neoprene visors all the time with plastisol with out any dramas, i turn my dryer down a little and they go thru fine, havn't burt one yet.
If your koozies are already made that may pose a problem?
I would print them unassembled if you can.
Are you printing multi colors? I'm tying to figure out hoe the flash would fit in.
Are you printing multi colors? I'm tying to figure out hoe the flash would fit in.
The Koozie will be fine. The reason your heat transfer press was discoloring is because it was getting too hot and the koozie was shoeing through. It doesn't take long for the ink to set under the flash and keep in mind that a koozie will not go through as much wear and tear as a t-shirt.
sleeve platen works great. We print 100's at the time. Ryonet also make a koozie platen-but the sleeve platen works the same.

We print them already sewn.

The heat press when already sewn does not work well. Unsewn white ones that get sublimated work well though.

Let me know if you do not have a good source for them-we found a place for about .29 each when you buy 1000 assorted colors. just send me a note.
Wow thanks guys! I am just doing black on various colored kozies. using a flash because that is how I cure the ink, no conveyer yet...
A sleeve platen should work fine for you, but you are limited to one koozie at a time. If your orders are larger, check with the manufacturer of your press to see if they offer a platen that will do multiple koozies at once.
Thanks Tim, thats a great idea! Right now I am just doing 25 for a friend.
We have used the sleeve platten and the pocket platten also. Pocket platten screws ontop of the reg. shirt platten and is removable. If it is a one color, we have set it up in 6 to 9 ups on a reg. screen and placed the koozees flat on top of the shirt platten. Cure them through the dryer as normal...

We also cut letters and iron them on with the heat press and they have not turned colors. But if it is turning the koozee colors, the heat press is too hot. If it is turning the print colors again too hot but also too much pressure. Plus you should be using a proper protective sheet over it to prevent sticking and discoloring.

We had a similar problem when we started heat pressing rhinestones. because the stones push the press off the garment, we needed to refigure the heat press...
we will always use silk print and sublimation print for the can coolers and koozies
Thanks to all! No better place to turn then here!
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