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I'm looking to start a t shirt company and since we are beginning small we're thinking of the best way to get the most for our money. Quality is obviously important to us. We are looking to print one color on lighter color t-shirts. From what research I've done in the past couple of days. It looks like a kit would be a safe bet right now for us however any suggestions are greatly appreciated. We've come across this screen printing kit and would like to know from anyone in "the know" what they felt about this kit or if anyone had experience with it before.
Screen Printing Starter Kit

Also from our research we are looking to print on american apparel 2001 t shirts seen here:
Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt - T-Shirts - American Apparel Online Store

with permaset aquafabric inks.
Does anyone have any suggestions for us, we'd appreciate any help as it is myself and my girlfriend starting this work. We aren't looking to be a production company but rather have more control over the production of our own t shirts from the beginning and learning what there is to learn by hand.


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Hey there!

I am giving you my humble opinion......

You are really limited to what you can produce with this kit. Granted you only want to produce one colour shirts. Eventually you will want to expand however, and with this kit its going to be really hard.

I bought the Kit from ryonet when I started. The Kit with the 4 colour press, flash dryer, etc. And that was easy enough to outgrow.........

Again, my opinion, but I think you should expect you would outgrow this kit pretty fast.

{Heres a tip,
Check out craigslists around your city. I ALWAYS see these kits where someone buys it, tries it once, and doesnt like printing. Could be a good way to save a few bucks!}

Either way, Im sure you sill love printing!
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