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It is entirely possible to "dabble with a one color station that you can make yourself with very little money invested. You would need to use water based ink so you could air dry the garments. I would start with just a hinge and screen set-up kinda like sign printers use. If you want more detail I would be happy to point you in the right direction just throw me an e-mail or a PM :)

Adam said:
With all this talk of screen printing it has got me interested in dabbling.

I was offered, not long ago, an entire setup of equipment for around £6K. I had no where to store all of it at the time.

Anyway here is a question:

What's the simplest way to print a one colour screen? I just want to dabble with the potential to sell at a later date. I don't want a massive carosel so what's the alternative?

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