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Screen printing equipment in new Zealand

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I am new to this forum and screen printing but want to do high end water based printing from home. What presses do you recommend and where is it best to buy one? Thanks Deborah
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It's not so much the press you should worry about it's your tunnel dryer...You want a tunnel dryer that is long enough to cure W/B 1 one pass.Water base inks take longer to cure as the water in the inks has to evaporate out before they can be cured.
As for a press as your in NZ try Blue Print Imaging | Home they are the distributor for Work Horse screen printing equipment.
Thanks for your reply. Understand that really the water based inks need to dry overnight before they are fully dried. Would you agree?
no they dont have to dry overnight . If you run them through a long enough tunnel dryer , this will remove the
water content first so the ink will fully cure. You are better with a convection dryer rather than infra red only.
I think the hanging up overnight is when you add a cold cure catalyst.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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