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I have been asked by an Angolan friend to help him source a T-Shirt printing machine.

He already knows a bit about printing and design as he has a business making ID cards and various types of pass.

He has shown me a link of the machine he is after.

Carrossel de serigrafia de 4 cores e quatro estações - Vila Real - Outras vendas - Vila real

From seeing the picture and his description it sounds like he is after a screen printing machine that can do four to six T-Shirts in one go.

I don't know anything about screen printing but have told him I will help him buy the machine in Europe (outside of Portugal as he can only speak Portuguese) and can help him avoid paying tax in Europe (as it is for export) and can arrange air or sea freight for him.

He seems to think the machine pictured costs around US$2000. He says he can pay more if needs be for the right machine.

Please can someone point me in the direction of a few manufacturers who sell similar machines to the one in the link above.

He also says he wants to go on a course. I think this maybe tricky for him as he doesn't speak English but maybe he can take a bilingual friend along. If any manufacturers offer courses when they sell their machines or if there are any highly reputable courses I would appreciate it if you can let me know.


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The equipment is a 4 color 4 station rotary or carousel press. It does not print 4 shirts in one go but it prints 4 colors on each shirt. For commercial printing, your friend may be better off with at least a 6 color 4 station press, or still better, an 8 color 8 station press. It depends on how many colors he will be printing as 10 color or more prints are not that uncommon.

For a good brand new equipment US$2000 will not give you much choice except for some 4 color 4 station press shipping not included. A 6 color 4 station press should cost US$3500 up shipping also not included.

Among the good brands are workhorse, riley hopkins, M&R, etc

It would be best for you friend to ask around in Portugal and look for a screen printing supplier who imports equipment from the US or other countries. They should be able to answer many questions your friend has including screen printing courses.

Or ask your friend to look for latin american websites. I am not sure how similar or different brazilian portugese is to your friends native language but that should be a start
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