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Screen Print the Big Bucks

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Hey guys,
I am trying to position my screen printing services on the higher end of the price range.

My question is, who are these higher end clients and how do I justify my higher prices.

Where is the money right now? SIM processing? Texture effects? High end graphic design? Though these may be high paying jobs they may be infrequent. Where is the balance of good margin to good volume?

What does the high end customer look like? A retail brand in Nordstrom? A corporate job like Nike or Microsoft?
I am trying to figure out where to focus my education.

Thanks for your thoughts in advance.
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Sounds like you want to create bigger margins and make more money right?

This industry is ultra competitive. You can charge more, but you have to back it up with excellent customer service, better artwork, faster turntimes, more services, or doing what others don't want to do. It's great that you don't want to get caught up in the "race to the bottom" with bidding wars on quotes, however the more sophisticated the customer - usually the more demanding they are and that can include financially too.

Another opportunity for you is to increase your margins by being more efficient. Building a sustainability program, starting a lean initiative, analyzing your core business metrics, and scrutinizing your labor may produce the extra margin you are looking for without raising your prices. Start small and handle the low hanging fruit and easy things you can change.

I'd also recommend having some goals in mind - both short and long term. Work backwards from them and determine how you are going to achieve them.

Good luck,

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Great information as always, I really appreciate all your advice. Thanks for another clear and concise answer. You really have a way of anticipating future questions and answering them before I can ask them!
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