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Good Morning,
I am looking for generic bids from screen printers or DTG shops.
We are a start-up retail environment in super regional malls.
The business plan calls for fast turns and small runs.
Nearly all the designs will print quantities of 36-48 in single color, one sided, chest sized print but we will have 45-60 designs operating at any given time. Each design will be printed on a single color shirt, so there will be no mixing of lights and darks within the run.
Our expectation is 2 turns per month, so our volume will be high.
This is a per location breakdown and the first location should open in 6 weeks, we are negotiating for 2 more by the end of the year.
I will be providing the shirts and need a bid on printing - I understand that design size and other specifics will change the pricing. So what I need is a very basic price on a chest sized single color print.
This can be a good opportunity to stay very busy; sounds like most of you already are!
Let me know!

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