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Ok, So I have some equipment that I have had for about 4 years that I dont/cannot use anymore being that my new house doesn not have the space. I am looking to sell it and I have no idea on value of this stuff anymore? Just looking for some opinions.

-I have a 4 color 4 station Lawson press. All bearings and such are in good working order but it needs new pallets. I was planning on making my own which isnt too difficult. I have seen some on the net ranging from 800-1500?

-National Equipment conveyor dryer N2408. I have seen anywhere from 1000-2500 on the net? It has a hole in the belt that is about the size of a lemon. It still works fine with the hole and I know it can be repaired pretty easily

- I have about 20 Newman roller frames. I never used these before so they are just taking up space. 4- 23x31 2- 23x28 16- 23x25 I think those are the sizes?

Any info would be great as I need to get this stuff out of my shed to help pay for my upcoming wedding.
Thanks so much guys /
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