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Scotchcal 220 Reflective Vinyl - Emergency Vehicle Graphics

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I have an opportunity to do graphics for a client with an emergency vehicle fleet, so they need reflective vinyl. I've worked with Oracal in the past, but they have old graphics that show they are on Scotchcal 220 Film and are reflective blue in color. The client feels pretty strongly about an exact color match. The old graphics are over 10 years old and say they are from Gerber Scientific Products and are a 3M product.

Is Scotchcal 220 Reflective available to order through any normal vendors? I'm not finding any online.

Since reflective vinyl is so expensive, I don't want to screw this up!

If anybody knows of another brand or product line where I could match the colors, that would be great...... we're more concerned about colors than a specific brand.

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I don't think Scotchcal 220 is reflective, but metallic. The best reflective to use is 3M 680. Oracal 55/56/5700 is also good, but the adhesive is really aggressive.
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K Chez.... you are absolutely right! Thanks for your response! Turns out the customer was telling me they required "reflective" and the material wasn't reflective after all. I tested their sample under headlights and realized it was just plain old metallic! Sometimes it takes a little while to realize that just because somebody uses a specific term, doesn't necessarily equate to that being what they need. :)

I had asked to have my post deleted, but apparently it didn't happen. Oh well!

Anyway, once I realized there wasn't really a mismatch between the name on the backing paper and the material, I was able to locate the right product and colors required for the job.... Didn't break my heart to work with this volume of metallic, rather than reflective ;)
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