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Scorching issue - other side of shirt

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Okay, so I've got an issue here I could use some advice on. I'm doing a simple one color job right now, easy enough. The issue is, I was training someone on how to cure, and apparently I didn't pay enough attention to what they were doing. The shirts are the sand colored Gildan 5000, and a lot of them have light to moderate scorching.

Hydrogen peroxide takes out most of the scorch on the print side, but there's also a shadow image on the other side of the shirt. I'm using dark ink, so I'm guessing that the ink absorbed more heat than the shirt, and this caused it to burn the other side of the shirt. Peroxide doesn't seem to do much to help it. The mark isn't very noticeable when looking at it straight on, but from an angle it really pops out.

Is there anything else I can do to fix this? It happened on about 30 shirts, and I'm really hoping I don't have to scrap all of them.
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I'm sorry for your loss :) I believe you already know they can't be repaired. Anyway TShirts are cheap.
Franmar scorch e do works pretty good, but I've never had one scorched on both sides.

I've also heard of people using white vinegar
There is nothing you can do to make these shirts "right".....You might be able to "hide" your mistake but it would be wrong to pass them off to a client that has paid full price for an order....
Out of curiosity, what color and type of ink were you printing on these?
Out of curiosity, what color and type of ink were you printing on these?
It's maroon Printer's Choice ink from www.rivercitygraphicsupply.com . I use their inks exclusively and have never had anything like this happen before, but I don't do many jobs on light colored shirts either - most people around here want black, so scorching isn't usually an issue.

I also ordered some of the scorch remover from Ryonet to see if that fixes the issue too (I'd just used off-the-shelf peroxide before), but I'm not holding my breath.
I've had a few orders that scorched, and had the marks disappear over the course of a couple days. With any luck this is the case for you. If it isn't, I'd show them to the customer and see what they say--you never know what they care about, or how much, until you ask.
Maybe try steaming them. Then point it out to the customer and offer a discount for "as-is". If they don't look too bad customers will often jump at the chance to save money.
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