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School Spirit Swagga - Tips on Decorating Hoodies

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School Spirit Swagga

Students across America are returning to school, the smell of football is in the air, the Friday night lights are warming up, the jerseys orders are finishing up and summer gear is hitting the clearance rack in favor of warmer threads. It’s just about time to pull the clothes bins out of storage and rotate the inventory in your closet to fall/winter apparel. Likewise it’s time to show NEW fall/winter apparel on your website, in your store or from the trunk of your car. This year, how about showing your customers a little of your school spirit swagga?

Here’s a little inspiration - 5 hooded sweatshirt decorating ideas that can be adapted to your hometown and your printing method. ENJOY!

  1. The Classic

    Use different decorating finishes that exude warmth and fall fashion. This sweatshirt features a simple single color design that lets the texture of the flock material uses do the talking. We’ve also chosen a unique font that meets the mark for our potential client, a high school student.
  2. The Jump Off

    Just like you layer clothes, layer colors. This two color flock on flock design adds dimension and texture to an otherwise simplistic front print.
  3. Flash Lights

    The design above is fit for the flashiest. A two color flock on reflective design with complimentary prints on the right and left shoulder. Placements on front shoulders are popular in street wear. We’ve stretched the height of our front design so it stands out with a lean, speedy style about it.

  4. Lady Love
    [media]http://www.t-shirtforums.com/images/ladyloveccd.jpg[/media]We can’t forget about the ladies. This zip up hooded sweatshirt is the perfect concept for Greek Apparel and can be transformed conceptually to other school organizations. We feature a subtle foreground/background color reversal from the top print to the bottom – pink on purple then purple on pink.
  5. The Polar Bear

    The final garment in our look book piles on the dimension with a flock on flock print. We’ve chosen a full front placement as well as a sleeve placement. Although this design highlights Detroit, we’re going to stick with the Atlanta theme and quote Outkast – this shirt is “cooler than a polar bears toe nails.”

If you’ve been inspired or think you have “swagga like us”, feel free to post a photo of your fall/winter hooded sweatshirt in this thread .

If you’d like to see how we made the Polar Bear Hooded Sweatshirt, check out this video:
Josh Ellsworth is General Manager of one of T-ShirtForums Preferred Vendors, Stahls’ CADCUTdirect.com, and a regular contributor to t-shirtforums.com with expertise in heat applied graphics. Through his work he has visited some of the largest apparel decorators in the US and in OZ. To read more of Josh’s articles or to watch him on video visit JoshEllsworth.com
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