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I need to give a quote for 700 hats and 700 beanies.

What % discount would you give on a order of that size.

Stitch count is 7900 for the front, no puff
2nd location on the back 4000 stitches

Thank you

IMO In percentage it may not be counted cause commonly people use different sources for the blanks with slight up & down in prices.

For me it works little different i do manufacture head gear range with dedicated section for it inhouse including the embroidery.

If that school walks on my door i may do that in following way:

For Example only:

If They would require Blank hats & Beanies in quantity of ex: 700-1000 pieces means around 84-100 dozens in each category i may give it in 2.0--2.5/piece including the shipping both the articles can be made up in custom color shades of choice.

1. Hats "Standard 5 panels snap back made of cotton twill"

2. Beanies "Acrylic stretchable rib knitted, double layered"

If it will require embroidery in two locations front & back in total stitch count 7900+4000 i may do it in 2.0--3.25/piece depending upon the color count "Design Efforts".

Therefore from my side that 2k pieces customer will get the flat price range somewhere in between 4.0--5.75/Piece all in.

This price may triplicate in condition of specialty yarn's base material for the headgear like:

1. Bamboo
2. Tencel
3. Organic cotton
4. Supima
5. Egyptian cotton
6. Hemp
7. Genuine Leather
8. P-Leather
Or any special knit like jacquard yarn state knitting patterns etc

Note: This is for the sack of info only it does not have any Self Promotional intention for attracting any audience.

It is just to clear the point of view of end manufacturer about how does it works when it is done in bottom line manufacturing from scratch in bulk quantity.

Best Regards
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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