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I received an email today from Eddie White requesting 100 Gilden medium 50/50 t-shirts to be printed. Since, DTG prints best on 100% cotton, I suggested he seek out a screen printer. Sounded like a scam to me.
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Why does that sound like a scam? 100 shirts isn't a lot. I doubt if most people know what kind of material is best for DTG. His designs might be too colorful or complex for screen printing.
It's not a very big scam at all, why not talk to him, he might just need some tees.
Now if someone asked for 1,000 - 10,000 tees I would be suspicious, but not for just 100.
Sorry guys, it should have read 700 t-shirts!!!!
There was someone on here the other day asking about what kind of printing he should use for his designs. He wanted about 700 shirts. So many of each of his designs. It was determined that screen printing would be too costly due to the colors involved and it was suggested that he do DTG printing. Don't know if this is the same guy or not. But with any kind of an order that size I ask for payment in advance. If you don't pay, I don't order the shirts or print.
Those guys are scammers from Nigeria. They emailed me someones credit card info. I came to my senses and didn't run it. They wanted 1,000 white tees. The dude called me with like a 233 country code so I googled it. Don't waste your time.
700 is more like a scam and I had some of those. I also have to educate most of my customers because they forever asking for one thing and meaning another. So my job is also to do a show and tell so I keep DTG and SP examples in my shop and show them what I do - transfers.
When they are asking for all of one size, that throws up a scam red flag.

Usually they (the scammers) say they want blank t-shirts, but they may be getting creative :)
The UPS guy was just at our door wondering if we knew where to find "Eddie White". He had 8 cases of t-shirts to deliver to an address nearby, but no one was around. I knew it sounded familiar.

I don't understand how the scam works. How do they make money?
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