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Just saying hello back to the forum. Getting ready to get my first tshirt printed, but wanted to ask on possible quotes. Thanks for the help guys/girls.

Front Print: 12"w x 15" h
Front Colors: 3
Back Print: 4.5"w x 1" h
Back Colors: 2

Shirt: AA2001 (Cranberry) or Alstyl 1301 (Cardinal)

Shirt quotes
100 (15S, 30M, 30L, 15XL, 10XXL)
200 (30S, 60M, 60L, 30XL, 20XXL)
300 (45S, 90M, 90L, 45XL, 30XXL)

Plastisol or Light Plastisol

Thanks again. and please list any suggestions of screen printing companies to work with that have been known for great quality and customer service.
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