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Sawgrass Sublijet Chip Problems

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has anyone had any problems on sublijet ink cartridge chips....we just got the epson 1400 and sublijet cis system but the cyan cartridge doesn't read...just a red x in the status monitor?


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Look at the Cyan cartridge where the chip is and see if it looks like there might be some extra glue that has come up around the small tab that might be covering part of the chip. If so, be careful... but try to remove the glue with your fingernail. This is what happened to me when I was setting one up recently. I removed the excess glue and it worked fine. However, you might have a different CIS system then the Sawgrass one we have in the United States. Let us know how it gets resolved.

Best wishes,

Hi Mark,

thanks for the tip tip...i did think that the chip had too much glue on it but when i looked at the rest it seems like they were all the same...going to try scrap a bit more off it. the company i got it off though has since shipped a new chip...hopefully get it tomorrow and start the useless samples from the first attempts :D

Will let you know either way

I must admit I've had a few of these - especially on the R1800. A few on the C87 and none (yet) on the R1410.

Sawgrass needs to find a better chip supplier.
well outcome was a faulty chip...the guys we got the system off had 10 spare chips...and within within a few weeks he had them all sent out..that is a high fault rate for one reseller!

but all sorted with en excellent, prompt service by the resller :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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