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Saving Colours in Wilcom to Use with brother machine

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Hi We have two brother pr-600ii machines, currently we are designing on wilcom decostudio and then saving them as dst files on a usb pen drive and then launching them on the machines, is there any way u can save the colours of the logo in the design file so when i go to the machines i don't have to set the colours up every time i want to embroider a logo ??
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Nope. DST does not save color information, only that there is a color change. Most embroidery machines will assign colors in a standard order.

What you can do is assign the colors on the screen of the PR600II, then save the file back to the USB stick and I think it will retain the color information. I forget what type of file it saves, PEC sticks in my mind...
Hi i Can set the colours up and then save them to the machine yea, they save as a PHC file, only issue is then it shows as a logo in the saved area but i need it as the company name
don't waste your time. there are 1000's of thread names & numbers
Is there reason you felt the need to reply to a thread from 6 months ago and add no helpful information?
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