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Save as AI file

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Working with CorelDRAWx3 and saving design as AI file for printer. However, printer unable to open file? Corrupt? Should they use pdf filter? Open the layers docker? I used COREL 15 day trial and revamped designs, looking great. I was certian I saved as AI correctly. Can't communicate ideas to the next step?

Any thoughts or ideas?
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Hey Sarah,

Did you ask printer what version of AI he or she has? I believe x3 will default to cs2 or cs3. This means if your printer has cs or older version of AI he will not be able to open. Like most graphic programs there is an option to down save files to previous versions in corel. Its usually in one of the dialog boxes that appear when you choose save as. Also If you have illustrator yourself you can try opening it before sending. Or just upload it here and someone with cs 3 try and open it.
Thanks Art... printer has CS2. I did attempt an earlier version. I saved for PC, not MAC. Printer didn't answer me let me know which?

The only way printer could open my design, I think (not sure b/c jpg he emailed back to me, looked IDENTICAL to the one I emailed him?) but I went through photoshop 7.0 and exported.

These steps are slowing down momentum. I spend more time now trying to resolve files recipients can't open. I am not too sure as to protocol for uploading image here at forum? How does that go? Thanks again. REally appreciate it. Live and learn... L & L.
There is a "go Advanced" button under the text box in your replies where you can upload files also I believe you can correspond with private messages from your control panel page on this site and those can include files as well. If that fails there is always regular e-mail. Goodluck.
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I said this in the other post where you asked Sara, but:

"Despite claims to the contrary from Corel Corp, X3 and Illustrator don't really play nice together.

I would suggest exporting to .eps instead, which in my experience is easier for Illustrator to open when coming from Corel."

I frequently go back and forth between the two programs and this is the best way I've found.
Yes, I ended up exporting to eps; it seemed the only way, oddly enough. Not as compatible as I would have liked.

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