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No doubt you will forget my name and who I am in a matter of minutes, but I thought I might as well tell you a little bit about myself anyway :)
My name is Ben, and I run a tiny little t-shirt start up, how many times have you heard THAT?!, called Sanusi Apparel.
The reason behind starting my little known brand was partly due to the influence that my cousin (of Demakes Apparel - remember that name because you'll definitely hear it a lot in the future) and Ha (of Fur Face Boy) but also due to my love of design, using my creativity and imagination in a positive and incredibly exciting way!
Because I started my label when I was in the middle of my A Levels, I had little money to launch an entire line so, after weeks of drawing and designing in my spare time, I settled on my New York Battleships design.

I loved this design the most as it I like the aesthetics but also the underlying political and social influences, and the idea that New York is a force so strong that nothing can sink it, get it?
Anyway, I'm on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, FormSpring.me and my shop is Sanusi Apparel
I'd love it if you gave it a look and tell me what you think :)
I ship all over the world and I think you'll like what NYB has to offer!
Thanks so much for your time :) :)
- Sanusi Apparel (Ben)

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I dont want to state the obvious and know that the money constraints are hard when you try and start off, but, you only have ONE t-shirt?

I think you need to go and rethink the whole "clothing company" status, and have another go. There are many different applciations on the web, where you can upload the designs yourself, create as many products as possible, and open an online shop, for little or no cost to yourself. try spreadshirt, cafepress etc etc. this would possibly be a first point of call for a budding designer such as yourself.

Then, launch your company after you have something to sell and something (of choice) to offer your customers. This seems a little too little of an effort for me.

I also have a problem with people ramming other tshirt company names down my throat without offering anything in the way of information on the forum, just saying - hey heres my new company, but not providing much in the way of support for people who actually spend their time giving something back to the community. So I am sorry, but you are going to get a harsh review of your tshirt and clothing (couldnt find any) company.

so why should I remember Demakes tshirt company, do they have TWO designs? wow, much more effort and choice. I have never heard of them and now having done so, from you, will never buy from them (sorry if this is harsh - just the way I am).

Have a think before you launch something into us on here. All of us are in the tshirt business, all of us have unique products or great services that we are offering and you really need to rethink your plans for the company. I personally dont mind your tshirt design, (even if it has twin towers on it or whatever), but there needs to be structure to your company. more designs are a must...more colours, more stock, more effort. as they say, what you put in you get out, or, you dont get something for nothing.

dont misunderstand me, I am not trying to be mean, but come back when you have thought it through a bit more and I am sure everyone on here will be happy to help, with reviews, advice, information and even ways to save money on your suppliers. its a great forum.

offer your customers something that is great, unique, give them choice, a great service, loyalty, and show them that you have worked hard, and they will come back for more. Show them that you havent really tried, they will never come back..

apologies if this is a bit harsh. its only my opinion.

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