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Sampling cost for a DTG shirt

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Hi all, I'm starting a DTG print shop and I'm just wondering if a customer asks to see their artwork printed on 1 t-shirt, should I just do it for free or charge them a sample fee and refund when they place the full order?
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Charge. Or use a scrap piece. In doing my testing I cut shirts into four pieces and will use those if someone wants to see a free sample.
If they want a shirt done, they'll pay my retail price and get a partial refund if they order within a week of receiving the sample.
Agreed. I started out doing sample for free because of the "big job". No i either use a scrap shirt or they pay.

I will however do sample for my regular designer customers on occasion as I primarily deal with graphic designers not the customer. But even my regulars know they will generally pay for sample unless its a special occasion.
Hey, how u doing?
I'm owner of the t-shirts company.
I'm wondering what's your prices. How big is the print? Do u print on a dark materials? Do u provide relabeling services? the label is tear away. Are you in NY? Please contract me [email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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