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Is there anywhere that has t-shirt samples? Not like whole shorts just like swatches of colors if i were to pick a t-shirt. Also anywhere to get a sample inkjet print to see what it comes out like? It doesn’t have to be on a short and can be of anything. Thanks for the help
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Garment makers make swatch books, and you can pick those up for free at distributors. To be honest, though, it is kinda of hard to get much of a sense for a color from a little square on a sheet of little squares. Human color perception is very influenced by what is around the color, so it helps to cover all but the swatch you want to look at.

By inkjet do you mean Direct To Garment or InkJet Transfer Paper? In the latter case, yes, but I'll leave it to others to suggest any specific company as I have not used any.
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Yes inkjet transfer paper. Do you have any suggestions for a wholesaler that with decent prices that would have sample swatches?
for the transfer papers there are not really wholesalers out there, just re-sellers

it would be hard to get samples as the final product would be dependent on printer make, model, ink, printer settings,
shirt make, model, prep, heat press temp, swingaway or clamshell, pre-press procedure, press dwell time,
was it covered while pressing, with what?, was there a second press, was this covered, with what?, etc.

far too many variables for any company to risk giving you a sample,
and say this is what it looks like when you press our product
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