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So, I sell Christian shirts and I am trying to find a good "meet in the middle" approach to setup wholesale sales to smaller churches and Christian bookstores. The main thing I run into is that they don't have money to just buy at wholesale prices. Or at least not at first. I'm just looking for some ideas of the best ways to get my shirts out there. I think starting small like this is a good way for me to get the ball rolling.

I've looking into doing an affiliate program where the churches could just purchase shirts through a link on their website that would give them a cut/discount. Though many of them still want some samples for people to see and try on.

I've seen a model done by another company where they basically do a NET90 with a return policy. The church/store can keep the shirts for 90 days, after which they can pay for what sold and return all of the "as new" shirts, or they can keep the shirts and pay wholesale for them at that time.

Or there is plain old consignment.

Seeing that I have 30+ designs, there is no good way to get "samples" of everything out there. I think maybe a combination of a NET90 (or 30) deal on top of an affiliate program might work well.

Any thoughts?
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