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Hi everyone. My situation is a little frustrating. My boss wants to print the same design on pretty much every color of the rainbow. I basically made an underlay at 100% that all the colors of the design will be printed on. I know from past experiences this tends to lighten up my color choices by a shade or two. One of the colors of the design is a dark navy, which I have heard blues tend to be more transparent, so should i not include an underlay for the navy? Im worried an underlay will turn my navy into a royal blue, and im worried if i dont use one, it will change the color of the navy. Especially because we will be printing on a wide range of colors, including tie dye. Does anyone know how in the world i should approach this? I really dont want to screw this up but it seems like an impossible situation.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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