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SALES Please Help?!

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I was wondering if anyone could help give me some tips on getting more business. Up till now my business has been moderately successful (pays the bills) off of just word of mouth and I don't have a store front so I don't get casual walk ins. I'd like to start doing more sales work but I'm not sure how to go about doing it or what's practical. Should I send emails to businesses, call around, walk door to door and hand out flyers, etc?? I always hear about "putting in bids on jobs" but I'm not sure who to contact to be able to put in a bid :) ANY help would be greatly appreciated!! I'm just a home business now that would like to expand to be able to move into my own shop some day.

Thank you!
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Check out the online version of Impressions Magazine. Decorated Apparel Industry | T-Shirt and Garment Printing Business. You can search their database of articles for terms like Sales. Think you'll find some articles of interest.
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Thanks a lot! I'll take a look around there and read the articles.
Email, email, email
Email deals, use Mailchimp to test headlines for open rates
Get postcards with deals on them and drop them at local universities
Email deals to clubs and organizations in town
Network, talk to as many people as possible, make sure they know what you do
Get sales reps, pay them on commission until you can afford to pay them salary
Get a website that is local Google SEO optimized so when someone searches "custom shirts in ____(town name)" you come up

I also wrote a blog post on this too: 5 Ways to Drive More Sales to Your Print Shop « Printavo - Manage your screen-printing shop easily.
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