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sales pitch advice

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im new to the business and ready to put in the nessesary work to gain the business, i realize early on cold calling and other grass root efforts is something i have to do in order to gain some business. any suggestions on the best way to go about pitching the potential customer? im targeting area schools/spirt wear, obviously alot of the time these customers are very price sensative, any and all advice is much apprciaated!
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I haven't targeted that market but from what I've read it can be very hard to get into unless you have a connection because a lot of that work is obtained that way. Also, there can be many rules that can vary from district to district and those groups can be slow to pay. Also make sure that those who order are authorized to order (so you'll be paid). One primary issue in dealing with these groups is handling sizing so customers don't expect you to replace at your cost what doesn't fit.
dress nice,contact the pta,booster clubs,coaches.
go with samples,flyers,coupons,business cards.:D
Ask your potential client sincerely what the issues are that are important to him/her.

Solve those issues for them better than the competition, but never talk bad about the competition, just focus on your work.

Be creative. Look for answers everywhere. Focus on the ultimate goal, (solving their issues) not the path you take to get there.

Make things easy for them. People like easy.

Do what you say you can do, and do it in the time frame you promise them. Everytime.

Accomplish these simple tasks and you will be ahead of 90% of the competition and you will become succesful.
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Don't take it personal if they won't give you the time of day or act disinterested, when cold calling your success rate is going to be determined by how well you handle rejection.....sorry but it's a fact of selling, don't get discouraged just keep pluggin' away you'll make sales and develop the proper technique that works for you.

Hope this helps.
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I have worked with school groups (Booster Clubs, PTO, ect) and it is hard to get into, but not impossible.

AS Flitterfly said - ALWAYS deliver what and when you promise. Make sure you completely understand what it is they are looking for (both in the type of clothing and design). An actual sample of the product is the best selling tool as the customer will know exactly what they are getting. I always provide samples of the product in all of the sizes that it is available in so that the customer can select the correct sizes for everyone on the team or participating in the event and not just guess.

If you concern yourself more with satisfying your customer than in how much money you are making from them, things will work out better.

Fix any problems immediately. Unless it is going to cost a lot of money, I fix any errors at no charge even if it was not my mistake. Most of the people involved are volunteers and they are donating their time to get the clothing for their sports team or school event, etc. If there is an unresolved problem, they will pass this along to the next one to volunteer and you may lose a $2,000 job next year because you did not want to pay out an additional $50 this year to replace a jacket.

On the other hand, because many of these school organizations work with people they know and the people in charge change every year, you can provide excellent service and products in a timely manner and still lose that group for the following year. Again, don't take it personally. Try again the next year.

If you keep customer satisfaction as your number one priority, you will gain a good reputation and this is the best selling tool for the long term success of your business.
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thanks for all the advice guys!
Condetv.com and sawgrassink.com have several videos that address how to get business in the spirit market. May be worth while to take a look at them.
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