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Sales Ethics

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I have been doing contract embroidery for a uniform service for a few years now. Yesterday, one of their customers that we had done work for called me directly and said they were bringing me some shirts to embroider with their logo. They said we could either run it through the uniform company or bill it directly to them (the end customer), but that they wanted to deal with me because the uniform company has been slow to deliver their orders after they have been finished. Basically, they leave them sitting at the warehouse for awhile. Do I need to run this through the uniform company, or should I deal with the customer since they reached out to me directly? I did not go out looking for them and am not trying to steal them, so is it okay for me to take them on as a customer? The embroidery file for their logo was furnished to me by the uniform company, if that makes a difference. Just wondering what is the right thing to do in this case.
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I would definitely run it by the uniform company. Better for them to hear about this from you beforehand rather than hear it from someone else later.

Assuming you get more business from the uniform company than you get from this customer, follow the lead of the uniform co. Do what they want done.
Thanks. That's kinda what I thought, but I wanted someone else's opinion.
How much business do you do each year with the uniform company? Is it worth risking this to take on one dissatisfied customer? What makes you think they will be any happier dealing with you? Mention the contact to the uniform company, see if they want to get rid of the bother and pass it off to you. If so, you likely are picking up a problem client...
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If the uniform company is good business for you than you need to run it thru them or ask which they prefer, they may let you have the customer. We have a pretty big screen printer that subcontracts with us for DTG, we have picked up one client from them but only after they OK'd it.
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