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I am currently working on some concepts/selling ideas in order to sell more cadcut/Spectra material to my customers. I know you folks are the experts at selling t-shirts, so I wanted to get your feedback.

My idea is "Sales by Appointment"

This would just be a marketing/sales idea in order for people using cadcut/heatpress technology to possibly sell more. Basically, T-shirt Shops would approach any type of business that operated by appointment/reservation and offer them personalized t-shirts for their appointments/reservations for each week. The shirt would consist of a screen printed transfer on the front, showing a logo to promote the business & the back would be personalized with the customers name. This would probably work excellent for businesses that market to children. Just imagine going into a hotel room or taking your kid to the optomotrist to find a personalized shirt, just for them. Can you imagine the potential client such as a Disney Cruise Line or Resort Hotel? Just some random thoughts that came about when I saw a kid at a local mall in a t-shirt from their dentist. I thought that if someone worked this program right, they could line up businesses, get their appointment/reservation lists, and deliver the shirts of choice every Monday morning or something.

Let me know if I'm crazy or you think it could happen?
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