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Safety Orange workwear

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Does anyone have a wholesale source for safety orange sweatshirts? Both non ANSI & at least class 2 rated. I am looking for a good heavy hooded pullover & zippered sweatshirt to be worn by dock workers...Something along the line of Carhart quality. I believe SanMar had them by Cornerstone, but are most likely out of season as they were on the discontinued list if I recall correctly, and now no longer show at all...Anybody have a direction I can go with this?

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TSC Apparel has high-visibility zipper and non zipper hooded sweatshirts.
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Gildan makes them. I cannot remember if it's the 7.75 oz or the 9.75oz, but one of them has safety green and safety orange.
You can have any white item dyed. Custom Apparel in fall river ma makes a neon orange and yellow that would work for this purpose. He can be reached at 508 675 2962. You will need to buy the goods that you want and have the distributor send them to him for dyeing.
· I buy the uniforms for our employees at Top Quality Workwear . Aside from the budget friendly prices, we trust the quality of the clothes they provide. So far, I can say we’re satisfied with their services too.
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