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Safe Vendor for Closeout T's esp for kids + woman sizes

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Hi all, Yes, I am yet another newbie. My name is Corinne, my friends call me Cory. If you owe me $ call me Ms Cory! OK, my Q is: Are there any reputable closeout sources for decent quality kids and women t's on the internet? I want to do some samples for giveaways. I'll be doing heat press not silk screen. Thank you to all those who post and give good advice. I do appreciate it! Cory
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What are you looking for exactly? the cheapest place to buy blanks from are wholesale distributors like: San Mar, bodek and rhodes, alpha, broder brothers, S & S, etc...
Well, I saw one that had a 'lot' of girls t's with ruffle sleeves for about 5o cents/each, but it was an auction.
Recently I received an email I think from Sanmar (maybe) that for each colored t shirt you purchase you get 3 white t's free. If interested, I will check it our for sure at work tomorrow.
Sorry for the laste post Tammi. Yes, that sounds like a cool deal. Have you ordered from Sanmar? Do they ship fairly quickly?
It seems like SanMars gets my order to me before I even get up from the computer after putting the order in.
Really, wow! That's the best news I've had all day. THanks Ana! Cory
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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