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sable 60 cutter

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Hi all

I bought a 2nd hand sable 60 cutter which had not been used too often...It came with great cut 30 day software....and cant wait to get it up and running. I have installed everything I think, but havent the first clue what to do next.....all i want to do is put names on tshirts. does anyone know if there is an online demo which could help me achive this....i really am so new to this....help!!!
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look on youtube for Stahls tutorials on vinyl cutting. Basically you cut in mirrror image on heat press vinyl...and press on the shirt
Do you have Illustrator or Corel?.....If so you can get a plugin to cut direct from these programs...

I have figured out that I need to get corel draw for this cutter to work...also when my 30 day trial of great cut is over will I need to buy this aswell??? or will corel draw to the jobs I need done (cut) ????

I have figured out that I need to get corel draw for this cutter to work...also when my 30 day trial of great cut is over will I need to buy this aswell??? or will corel draw to the jobs I need done (cut) ????
You will be able to send jobs from Corel Draw directly. Greatcut helps, however if you do not have it you will still be able to use your cutter.
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Thanks for your reply. Will any Coreldraw cut? I'm looking to see if I can down load the free trial of the student and teacher Coreldraw??

Ok Im about to scream here, as I have been sitting looking and trying to figure this cutter out for the last 3 hours......Does anyone know which Coreldraw software I can use just to put names on Tshirts and to make this cutter CUT. Please anyone with any advise is greatly appreciated........ ahhhhh
You need a full commercial version of Corel Draw......6.0 to X5.....Student or home versions are missing something you need to make the plug in work....
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Thank you for your reply....I was so grateful for your help.....I downloaded the 30 trial of coreldraw x6, so now I have coreldraw and greatcut for 30 day trial....I hope I can figure this out before the time runs out. t All Im trying to do is put names on Tshirts nothing more at the moment, So I went and put a name on Coreldraw and tried to make it print to my sable 60 but with no luck....If you have any idea what else I should do to get the cut I would be so happy.

Thanks again in advance if you can help me solve this problem
Not sure if the version of Corel you downloaded has everything you need to cut direct to your cutter....VBM or something like that....Not sure if that is correct or not.....It is the VBM that drives the plugin....

In any event you should be able to save a Corel file as dxf and import it into Great Cut......But the problem you are having has nothing to do with your graphics program....You need to get your cutter properly installed....And I ma not what your problem is.....

What operating system are you using?.....If it is Windows 7.0 you may need to adjust your cutter to 32 bit or 64 bit depending on what version of Windows you are running....
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Great Cut is the cutting software whereas Corel is a design software.

You would use them hand in hand.

You can just use Corel to cut with ,you would need a few extra steps. But, yes you could buy Great Cut after the 30 day trial.

Did you register your cutter with GCC?
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Lets take Corel out of the mix until he/she can make a cut from Great Cut......The problem is the driver and the set-up of the cutter...Once he/she can cut you can take him/her down whatever path you want.....

To test things out, please use the test file that comes with Great Cut....It is called greatcut.ccj Can you open that in GreatCut?....
Hi again

After a long day trying to figure settings and ports and drivers I ACTUALLY got it to work...But when it cut out my design it didnt cut right through so I couldnt weed it, I tried to seperate the vinyl but I think the cut maybe was not deep enough???????????....Does anyone know if the pressure would of caused this......

Thanks again to you all who have replied to my messages, without you I couldnt of done this.

Almost happy :-/
Not enough pressure....
Blade too far in holder.....
Cutting strip damaged.....

Do you have the VLCD software?......
Yes VCLD-SB came with greatcut software
I just checked the VCLD_SB and it doest look like I had this set up...have you any idea of what I should put in for the Force? media weight? offset? and Auto roll.....havent a clue what all this means...
I do not use VLCD so I will not be much help......

Do you have Great Cut open?...If so, I use FILE > OUTPUT This will open another screen....You can set pressure there....I generally use 40 but you may use more or less depending on how sharp your blade is.....But it sounds like you may need more pressure....So bump it up 5 or 10 and try a test cut....Just cut a sample design that is 1/2" high or so....Weed it and see if there is a mark on your backing paper....You want the mark to be real faint or not at all.....
Ok I will give it a try and see what the cut will be like.... And thank u do much for taking the time to reply to me
If I remember correctly the only setting in the VLCD that you cannot set in Great Cut is the blade offset. Or at least on an Expert 24.

Both pressure and speed can be set in Great Cut.

If you are doing heat transfer material I usually use 60-90 for down force depending on the material. Sign vinyl I normally use 35 - 45 again depending on the material.
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