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Ryonet WBP Emulsion Not Exposing

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I’m having a problem exposing screens coated in Ryonet WBP Hybrid Emulsion. I’ve used it a hand full of times before and had absolutely no problems, but something weird is going on now. I coated a white 110 mesh screen and a yellow 195 mesh screen at the same time, using the same emulsion. The 110 mesh exposed in the same amount of time as always, 5 minutes. However, the 195 mesh screen doesn’t expose at all, not even after an hour under the light. I can see the image burned onto the emulsion but when I go to washout the screen, everything washes out. I was starting to think my emulsion wasn’t drying thoroughly because of the wet weather we’ve been having in San Diego, so I hit the screen with a hair dryer right before exposing and still nothing.

Additional Info:
-I tried exposing this specific screen at least 5 separate times
-I’ve used this screen previously, but can not recall if it was with Ryonet RXP or WBP Hybrid
-I degreased screen every time
-I do all my work under yellow light
-I mixed my emulsion before applying to screen
-The screens are coated 1/1 using sharp edge of scoop coater
-I let the screens dry for the same amount of time (overnight)
-I’m using 6500k fluorescent bulbs
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