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Ryonet Offers ROQTunnel™ Conveyor Dryer

The ROQTunnel™ Conveyor Dryer is designed to complement and help optimize the performance of today’s high-production presses with powerful, consistent and efficient curing. Offered by Ryonet, an array of options make it possible to customize the unit to meet specific shop needs and enhance control, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Belt widths of 38 inches to 71 inches are available to boost water-base and plastisol curing efficiency and throughput. And a split belt with variable width and independent speed/direction controls further increases output and flexibility.

The ROQTunnel can be adapted to run on natural gas, propane or electricity for the most economical operation. Built for an international market, it is efficient and cost-effective, using as little as half the gas or power as competing conveyor dryers. Some users have reported monthly utility savings of more than 50 percent.

Other features include reliability, quiet operation and ease of maintenance. The ROQTunnel is backed by a two-year warranty on parts and labor.

For more information, go to https://www.screenprinting.com/roqtunnel-electric-conveyor-dryer-20-w-59-belt-9-8-chamber.

To contact, call (800) 314-3690; email: [email protected] or visit http://www.screenprinting.com.
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